Sunday, November 11, 2012

Samhain links

I'm now 11 days late on my Samhain post, weather, and cold or flu being a factor.  Others have written some good things on the holiday however, so I'm going with a link round up this time:

Summers End  from Three Shouts on a Hilltop

A Samhain ritual text from  Searching for Imbas

Samhain 2012 from  Gaelic Folkway: Families Reviving Ancestral Traditions

Blessings into the dark half of the year, may you and yours be safe and warm.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Taillte daughter of Mag Mor king of Spain, queen of the Fir Bolg, she came after setting the battle of Mag Tuired against the Fir Bolg to Coill Cuan. And the wood was cleared by her, so that it became a clovery plain before the end of a year. This is that Taillte who was wife of Eochu son of Ere, king of Ireland: it is Eochu who took her from Spain, from her father. As for Taillte, she dwelt in Tailltiu, and slept with Eochu Garb son of Dui the Blind of the Tuatha De Danann: and Cian son of Dian Cecht, otherwise called Seal Balb, gave her his son in fosterage, Lug to wit. Eithne daughter of Balar was his mother. Thereafter Taillte died in Tailltiu, and her name was given thereto, and it is her grave which is- north-east from the Seat of Tailltiu. Her games were made annually by Lug, a fortnight before Lugnasad and a fortnight after. Unde dicitur Lugnasad, i.e. nasad of Lug Lamfada, the name of that festivity.

RAS MacAlister, ed. and trans., Lebor Gabala Erenn 4 pp 149

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excerpt from Am Beannachadh Bealltain or The Beltane Blessing 73

BEANNAICH, a Thrianailt fhioir nach gann,
Mi fein, mo cheile agus mo chlann,
Mo chlann mhaoth ’s am mathair chaomh ’n an ceann,
Air chlar chubhr nan raon, air airidh chaon nam beann,
     Air chlar chubhr nan raon, air airidh chaon nam beann.

Gach ni na m’ fhardaich, no to ’na m’ shealbh,
Gach buar is barr, gach tan is tealbh,
Bho Oidhche Shamhna chon Oidhche Bheallt,
Piseach maith, agus beannachd mallt,
Bho mhuir, gu muir, agus bun gach allt,
     Bho thonn gu tonn, agus bonn gach steallt.

     Dion mo chiallain fo sgiath do ghloir.
Beannaich gach ni, agus gach aon,
Ta ’s an teaghlach bheag ri m’ thaobh;

BLESS, O Threefold true and bountiful,
Myself, my spouse, and my children,
My tender children and their beloved mother at their head.
On the fragrant plain, on the gay mountain sheiling,
     On the fragrant plain, on the gay mountain sheiling.

Everything within my dwelling or in my possession,
All kine and crops, all flocks and corn,
From Hallow Eve to Beltane Eve,
With goodly progress and gentle blessing,
From sea to sea, and every river mouth,
     From wave to wave, and base of waterfall.

Bless everything and every one,
Of this little household by my side;

 Carmina Gadelica Vol. 1 (excerpt)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random CR and Heathen ramblings...: Flidais Foltchaoin

 Just a month or so ago, I had wanted to post some information and links on Flidais, but I found so very little available already that was good and wasn't up to doing what this wonderful blogger has done.

Random CR and Heathen ramblings...: Flidais Foltchaoin:     Flidais is one of the more enigmatic and intriguing of the Irish deities. References to her in mythology are few and lack detail, yet th...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Paddy's Link Round Up

I wasn't going to post at all and I'm really not because others have done better than I could:

Random CR and Heathen ramblings... St. Patrick's Day, snakes, and Irish-American pride

Three Shouts on a Hilltop Leprechaun Vomit... or why I hate St. Patty's

Tairis  The inevitable Paddy post

What ever you decide have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

La Feill Bhride

'Feill na Bride, feis na finne.'
'Bride binn nam bas ban.'
'A Bhride chaoin cheanail,
Is caoimh liom anail do bheoil,
’D uair reidhinn air m’ aineol
Bu to fein ceann eisdeachd mo sgeoil.'

Feast of the Bride, feast of the maiden.
Melodious Bride of the fair palms.
Thou Bride fair charming,
Pleasant to me the breath of thy mouth,
When I would go among strangers
'Thou thyself wert the hearer of my tale.

  Carmina Gadelica Vol. 1 (from notes)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cairioll Caillaig or Hogmanay Carol

NIS tha mis air tighinn dh’ ur duthaich
A dh’ urachadh dhuibh na Callaig;
Cha leig mi leas a dhol ga innse,
Bha i ann ri linn ar seanar.
Dirim ris an ardorus,
Teurnam ris an starsach,
Mo dhuan a ghabhail doigheil,
Modhail, moineil, maineil.
Caisean Callaig ’na mo phoca,
Is mor an ceo thig as an ealachd.

 Gheibh fear an taighe ’na dhorn e,
Cuiridh e shron anns an teallach;
Theid e deiseil air na paisdean,
Seachd ar air bean an taighe.
Bean an taighe is i is fhiach e,
Lamh a riarach oirnn na Callaig,
Sochair bheag a bhlath an t-samhraidh,
Tha mi ’n geall air leis an arain.
Tabhair duinn ma dh’ fhaodas,
Mar a faod na cum maill oirnn,
Mise an Diathan ’s an dorus,
Eirich fein is fosgail domh e.

I AM now come to your country,
To renew to you the Hogmanay,
I need not tell you of it,
It was in the time of our forefathers.
I ascend by the door lintel,
I descend by the doorstep,
I will sing my song becomingly,
Mannerly, slowly, mindfully.
The Hogmanay skin is in my pocket,
Great will be the smoke from it presently.

The house-man will get it in his hand,
He will place its nose in the fire;
He will go sunwards round the babes,
And for seven verities round the housewife.
The housewife it is she who deserves it,
The hand to dispense to us the Hogmanay,
A small gift of the bloom of summer,
Much I wish it with the bread.
Give it to us if it be possible,
If you may not, do not detain us;
I am the servant of the Gods at the door,
Arise thyself and open to me.